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We accompany you on the path to B Corp certification, helping you to create a positive impact for young generation

We are at the center of an epochal change: to face the most urgent challenges, such as the climate crisis and social inequalities, we must move from an extractive socio-economic model to a regenerative one.

Let us do it together!

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Why are we B Corp

InVento Lab is a B Corp by vocation. We "discovered" ourselves as a B Corp during a conference in the United States, in San Francisco, while working to generate a positive impact on people and the environment. We understood that we are not alone in wanting to achieve this great goal, but that we are part of a global network that makes interdependence one of its greatest values.

So much so that, to date, we have been nominated "Best Collaborator 2020" by B Lab Europe,, we have been "Best for the Word" from 2017 to today and we are one of the 4 Italian bodies chosen by B Lab to in turn help companies in B Corp certification process, driving towards sustainable and regenerative business models..

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We are partners of B Lab Europe to help you become a B Corp and benefit

We are the entity selected by B Lab Europe as best collaborator 2020, and accredited to provide support to become a B Corp and benefit

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Become a B Corp and benefit with us

We are part of Now Partners, a global accelerator with over 100 Partners, belonging to the B Economy, which aims to co-create a system capable of changing the business world.

Now Partners provides consultancy and mentorship services to obtain a B Corp certification or become a Benefit Company: it has carried out the certification of several international branches of well-known multinational groups and has within it leading exponents of B Lab and global ambassadors of the movement