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We are in the middle of momentous change, and to face the most urgent challenges - such as the climate crisis and social inequality - we must move from an extractive socio-economic model to a regenerative one.

At the centre of this transformation is the concept of interdependence - we must no longer consider ourselves at the centre of the world, but in the world, part of a global interdependence that unites people, communities and the environment towards a singular objective: long-lasting shared wellbeing and prosperity.

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"We make ourselves bearers of the sustainability principles, with the aim of inspiring everyone and encouraging new generations to make a difference and improve the world."

InVento Lab, a national and international award-winning B Corp, was created to help organisations make a difference through positive transformations towards regenerative business models, which create economical and environmental value for people, land and communities.


InVento Lab is a B Corp by vocation. We were “discovered” as a B Corp during a conference in San Francisco in the United States, while they were working to produce a positive impact on the people and environment. We understood that we are not alone in wanting to achieve this great objective, but that we are part of a global network that makes interdependence one of its greatest values. So, in a way that seems almost obvious, we became part of the B Corp network, which completely represents our vision.

So much so that, to date, we have been elected by B Lab Europe as “Best Collaborator 2020”, we are “Best for the Word[CM1] ” from 2017 to today, and we are one of just four Italian companies chosen by B Lab to help other companies in turn with the B Corp certification process, guiding them towards sustainable and regenerative business models.

InVento declares that they have implemented all of the necessary procedures to comply with the national anti-corruption legislation.

Social Report 2020 - Social Report 2019 - Social Report 2018


We inspire change, through our changemaking training courses


Regenerative Consulting

We support businesses in the transformation towards B Corp and Benefit regenerative business models


Biophilic Design

Through our Biophilia workshops, we help businesses reconnect with nature and enjoy its benefits







Create value in your area by generating an impact on young people and on the environment. Discover new talents and actively take part in the “B Corp School”. Involve your employees and collaborators - train them on new opportunities in the sustainable field to create a real green community.

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Prizes and acknowledgements

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InVento Lab is one of Italy’s outstanding green organizations
We are among the Italian green organizations included in the book "io e i #GREENHEROES" by Alessandro Gassmann published by Edizioni Piemme. The Green Heroes are a community of people and organizations, chosen by the "Kyoto Club", actively engaged in safeguarding practices for our Planet. But that is not all, the proceeds from the book will be used to create Solidarity Orchards around Italy, with the operational support of AzzeroCO2.
Donna di Mare

Donna di Mare

A tangible commitment to our Sea
B Women Italia together with UNESCO and Associazione Donna di Mare promotes the 'Woman of the Sea for the Decade of the Sea' award with the aim of proposing an innovative vision of activities, including female entrepreneurship, which, in compliance with rights and equal opportunities, protect the environment by enhancing territories and people.
Benefit Talk

Benefit Talk

Communicating B Corp and Benefit values
Maintaining an active dialogue with companies and encouraging sharing of their best practices is the goal of the cycle of Assobenefit Benefit Talks. The third appointment is dedicated to communication, to reflect and explore the theme of the achievement of the "common benefit", and on this very occasion that Giulia Detomati participated as a speaker for InVento Lab.
I valori B Corp

The B Corp Values

Third National Day of Benefit Corporations
We will participate in the Third National Day of Benefit Corporations, the annual initiative in which issues and experiences concerning Benefit Corporations and the evolution of the model are shared.
Ashoka Changemaker Summit

Ashoka Changemaker Summit

Giulia Detomati among the Ashoka Fellows
During the Ashoka Changemaker Summit, Giulia Detomati will officially become part of the Ashoka Fellows network, made up of social entrepreneurs who aspire to bring about systemic and paradigm change.
Tra sostenibilità e business

Between sustainability and business

Live on Forbes and SKY
Giulia Detomati was a guest of the BNC broadcaster to describe how InVento Lab acts as a bridge between schools and companies on matters related to sustainable entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on B Corp companies.
InVento Lab e la 24ORE Business School

InVento Lab and the 24ORE Business School

Our testimony to the Master Executive Digital Transformation
The task of a #bcorp is also to share the values it believes in, and what better way than to bring the testimony of InVento Lab to the 24ORE Business School Executive Digital Transformation Master.
B Corp School a Ecomondo

B Corp School at Ecomondo

B Corp, youth and activism
Right at the beginning of its fifth edition, InVento Lab presented B Corp School at ECOMONDO, the international event on issues such as the ecological transition and new models of Circular Economy.
Change NOW 2021

Change NOW 2021

The InVento “B Corp Stories”
Thousands of international changemakers joined forces to develop and present new solutions for our planet at the Change NOW 2021 online event. Giulia Detomati was present among the Heroes of Change, and during the “B Corp Stories” she presented about InVento Lab and the B Corp School course, the initiative that aims to bring young people closer to the theme of sustainability and also to B Corp entrepreneurship.
InVento alla Digital Week

Milan Digital Week

Sustainability and digital: InVento at Milan Digital Week
There were many events at Milan Digital Week 2021, and InVento was there of course! Our very own Giulia Detomati participated in the talk on the benefits of digitalisation for sustainability, and we also presented a webinar linked to the B Corp School course, dedicated to drafting a green business plan and a reflection on waste in technology and its environmental and social impact.
Youth Academy e InVento Lab

Youth Academy and InVento Lab

Can young people make a difference and contribute to sustainable development? These are the issues addressed during the final day of the initiative led by Cesvi, Enactus and Punto sud, a course of in-depth analysis on matters of social and environmental impact. Among the speakers present, Claudio Avella illustrated the activities of the B Corp School course, placing particular focus on the projects completed by the children who have participated in the course.
Webinar Concorso Conoscere la Borsa 2020

Webinar Competition - Knowing the Stock Market 2020

Sustainability and Business
InVento speaks about the role of sustainability in companies at the final event of the Caritro Foundation competition, called “Knowing the Bag”. The initiative aims to increase children’s knowledge in the economic field by stimulating financial transactions on a virtual stock market.